The staff at Running River has been chosen for their experience being with children in many settings. They are all professional educators dedicated to learning how children learn and what each child needs to develop to their full potential.
We work closely together as a team, as well as with the parents, to bring consistency, understanding, and most of all love into teaching every day.

Nancy Monson


To me, being a teacher means learning how to love and understand all children, and support and nourish their innate love of learning.  Every person is born with the seeds to develop capacities and special talents. A teacher’s job is to learn what nutrients those seeds need. The other side of the equation is the parents, and the strongest one. For that reason, I have a passion for working with parents, so that we might become a stronger team and create a real community of learning and caring for all.

Learn more about Nancy’s educational philosophy.

Megan Flaherty.jpg

Megan Flaherty

Lead teacher k-1

I believe that real learning occurs when it arises from authentic experiences that have meaning for the child. Children learn through various means and show their learning in various ways. Learning is a cooperative effort between the child and the teacher. My job as a teacher is to recognize the potential in each child and facilitate their learning process and guide them in taking ownership of their own learning.

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Phil Germakian

2nd-3rd grade teacher

As a teacher, I am responsible for providing my students with as many opportunities as possible to be successful. It is my goal to develop responsible members of society who have the tools to become successful citizens of the world. I try my best to give my students that chance by valuing and developing the following traits: collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and character.


Amber Arvidson

Assistant teacher 2nd-3rd grade

I experience a lot of joy watching children’s natural love of learning and their innate curiosity about the world. What draws me to teaching is the desire to foster and cultivate the growth of each child’s natural desire to understand themselves and the world they live in. I want to help them to know themselves, to know how to learn, how to relate to other people, be part of a community, and follow their passions.

Art Ives

physical education teacher

Art believes one of the most important jobs in education is to get young children off to the best possible start in sports and fitness by providing a foundation for their further progress and development. As a certified personal trainer specializing in youth athletics, he loves making contact with the younger age groups and creates lesson plans for Running River students stocked with both traditional and original drills, to help children discover their own physical capability in a positive learning environment full of praise and enthusiasm. This both creates better “players” and serves to maintain interest, raise motivation and perhaps most importantly; enhances a child’s self esteem, camaraderie with classmates and enjoyment of everything they do. You can learn more about Art’s work at the way of

Josh Allen

assistant teacher 4th-6th grade

Having worked for multiple years in outdoor education settings, I thrive when meandering outside. Taking time to appreciate the beauty and depth of nature, and finding ways to share my passion for the outdoors with students, is truly important to me. In my own adventures I seek out ways to challenge myself, physically and mentally, in order to grow as a person. When I am able to help students overcome that which they view as a limit, it is profoundly rewarding. On a ski trip in Connecticut last winter, one of the students was scared of trying a run from the top of the mountain. I stayed next to her the whole way down, and all she needed was the knowledge that someone else was there. Even though it was a challenge, she made it. At the base she said she felt like she could do anything. Those moments are worth everything.

Janet Runyan

music teacher

Janet Runyan earned a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and has taught piano in Boulder for 20 years. She has had a life-long love of music and still enjoys teaching piano privately as well as working at Running River where she teaches music and composes music for many of our school plays and performances. Janet and Nancy have collaborated on all school productions for 25 years, writing and directing over 35 original performances.

Janet is also a nationally ranked distance runner whose goals have served as motivation and inspiration for improving her whole life through athletic pursuits. She has worked with hundreds of elite and recreational runners over the past 15 years to improve their running form with profound results. Find more about her work here.

Page Zekonis

art teacher

Page Zekonis is a local artist who has been teaching art for over twenty years. She has an MFA in painting from Maryland Institute, College of Art and a M.A. in counseling psychology from Bowie State University. She founded Open Window Studio in 2003 to teach a variety of art classes to both children and adults. Page also teaches collaboratively with ceramic artist, Sue Allman. Together, Page and Sue created Open Hands Art Camp.

In all of her classes, Page emphasizes the creative exploration of ideas and materials in an atmosphere that is fun, respectful and full of surprises.

Lauren Beale

dance teacher

Lauren is a performing artist, choreographer, contemplative teacher, yoga instructor and active mama. She holds an MFA in Dance from The University of Colorado Boulder with an emphasis in somatic based teaching and collaborative, interdisciplinary performance art. Lauren has performed nationally and internationally with Colorado based dance companies Helander Dance Theater, 3rd Law Dance/Theatre, David Capps/Dances, Interweave Dance Theater, and many others. Lauren has taught dance and yoga for kids extensively in the Denver/Boulder area including Alexander Dawson School, Logan School for Creative Learning, the Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop and Running River School K-8. She is currently on faculty in the Theatre and Dance Department at CU-Boulder.



Board of directors

Running River is a 501c3 organization governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Director and a few parents. They uphold the Running River School Charter, review policies and make changes, guide all financial decisions and work to bring the vision into practical application.  

Current board

Aside our school director Nancy Monson, the board is currently run by Tara Lamb, David Anthony, Dan Storch & Laura Shaffer.