Experiential, meaningful, nature based learning.

Every child has the potential to know and fulfill their gifts and capacities, and to participate fully and joyfully in life. We tend each child’s seed of potential, at every stage, with all the necessary nutrients. This produces a vital, knowledgeable human being, centered in the heart and able to confidently meet life’s challenges.

Connections are the foundation of a healthy education.

We strive to build an alternative model of education that deeply connects children and parents to themselves, humanity and the planet. Our mission is to educate each individual to develop their highest potential through an integrated and balanced intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual curriculum.

The Three Pillars of connection



What made the parents to choose Running River?


Parents play an active role.

Parent Involvement is part of Running River School. We believe that school and home can be connected, providing children with consistency and greater support in all areas of their growth.


The stories of our alumni.



Give your child the complete real-life education they deserve.