Our aim as educators at Running River School is to cultivate a vibrant sense of connection and responsibility to self, humanity and the planet.

We live in extraordinary times. We face an uncertain future, one filled with unprecedented social and environmental challenges. But it is also a time of untold opportunity if we can join together to meet those challenges. How can we best prepare our children for what lies ahead? How can we help our children experience on a visceral level that who they are and how they live matters? At Running River we do this by cultivating a deep connection to, and responsibility for, self, humanity, and the planet.

Every child has the potential to know and fulfill their gifts and capacities, and to participate fully and joyfully in life. We tend each child’s seed of potential, at every stage, with all the necessary nutrients. This produces a vital, knowledgeable human being, centered in the heart and able to confidently meet life’s challenges.

Connection to Self

  • Self-knowledge: awareness, acceptance, observation, understanding and expression of self
  • Contemplative practices to contact inner calm
  • Time for inner reflections on life’s meaning and bigger questions of existence
  • Physical fitness: experiencing the body’s potentials and capacities, and creating the foundation for life long health
  • Support in the pursuit of passions and interests
  • Self-discipline and energy management

Connection to Humanity

  • Multi-cultural, multi-age, multi-generational education that fosters respect, tolerance, and appreciation for human diversity
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership and team work
  • The Arts: Theater, Music, Dance, Art
  • Service
  • Community: connecting school and home through parent involvement and parent education

Connection to the Planet:

  • Stewardship: caretakers and guardians of the earth and animals
  • Individual and group learning about the world through an integrated, in-depth curriculum
  • Personal relationship to nature
  • Ability to experience qualities and invisible sources of energy available in the natural world
  • Environmental and outdoor education
  • Life skills for simple, sustainable living