Tara Lamb continued.....

But Tara’s real strength lies in her ability to provide inspiration and motivation to people and cultivate their growth. Because she knows that you can’t build a business without successful people supporting it, she has worked to create a company culture that fosters staff development and a balanced lifestyle.

Today, Global and its related companies are at the forefront of the industry due to Tara’s guidance, foresight and commitment to the well-being of its customers and staff. It is these qualities that form the underpinnings of Tara’s approach to leadership and overall business philosophy.

Tara Lamb cares about kids. She cares about their education too. She wants kids to be excited about learning and love the adventure of it. She wants them to be critical thinkers, compassionate and creative human beings. She wants them to be engaged with their surroundings and feel connected to nature and this planet. And she understands that this requires a teaching environment that can open the doors for kids to learn in an inspired learning community. That’s why she sends both her sons to Running River and why she sits on the Board, to help pave the future for its continued success and longevity.