A balanced education cultivates abilities beyond the verbal and conceptual to include matters of heart, character, creativity, self-knowledge, concentration, openness and mental flexibility.


The Key Components of Running River



Learning through a unique educational approach


We cover all academics through an integrated, interwoven, multi-disciplinary approach focused on providing a challenging and supportive environment for children to holistically solve problems that life and this time in history present.


Taking Responsibility for Learning


Our students become self-motivated learners by being given more responsibility for their education. To achieve this goal children need guidance from adults as well as opportunities and support in exploring personal interests and passions. At Running River children are allowed to expand into their learning, rather than having information fed to them. We “open the floodgates” by giving them real opportunities to show what they can do, and then guiding them to fill in the gaps of what they don’t yet know.

For example, when a child is learning to read, they need help in developing strategies to decode and understand language. They also need time to look at books of their choice, be read to, and explore all variety of written language. The same is true in most topics. Time and space to explore, experiment, and discover through personal experience topics they are naturally drawn to on their own connects all learning circuits.

As children gain skills, they are given more choices in how they apply those skills to further their learning. We engage teachers, parents and mentors to help children pursue their interests. For example, students use math skills to build, cook school lunches or plan the garden. Children choose electives in the arts and in life-skills. They teach each other in all subject areas and collaborate on projects. They create guidelines for the school community and choose curriculum content.

Our goal is for children to help run our entire school, developing confidence and responsibility from real life challenges and opportunities.



Give your child the complete real-life education they deserve.