Parent of a 5th grader


To the mighty, mighty teachers of RRS, I wanted to thank you muchly for the conferences today. It was great to get such a luxurious amount of time with each one. Once again you all demonstrated that you really get our children and are working with care,and energy and innovative, imaginative techniques to bring the best out of them and to work on their challenges. I feel strongly that the time Marin and Kellan spend at RRS in your presence and under your guidance is a time that they are both filling their deep pools, making them more strong and ready to face the challenges ahead when they are not in such a utopia centered environment. This is long-term, character-crafting, esteem building,wing-spreading stuff, and it is priceless; we are totally grateful for all that you give of yourselves. We know that you give a LOT; just know that it doesn’t go unnoticed and certainly not unappreciated.