My child loves to go to school, is excited about learning and feels safe to learn in the community at Running River. The emphasis is on true, deep learning rather than teaching to and testing to the standards. Public school dulled my child and she was never left to wonder or allowed to be truly creative. Intrigue, creativity, individuality and wonder are encouraged at Running River. The mixed aged classes instill confidence and allow a chance for the children to mentor their peers. Educating the whole child is of great emphasis at RR: nutritious lunches and snacks, quiet/reflective time built into the day, sewing, cooking, theater, dance, enjoying nature during weekly hikes and daily outside time are some examples. The parent forums offered at Running River are great opportunities for parents to share ideas.


Our son has really blossomed at Running River. He is growing in so many ways from his acting and singing in the original musicals the teachers write, to his love for math, to his ability to relate with peers. The school offers a new breed of education that includes learning concentration through stillness and meditation; exploring their limits in wilderness adventures; and developing critical thinking through the research, writing, and creating inspired by multidisciplinary projects. The emphasis on social skills deepens the connection and cooperation among the kids. The faculty and administration continuously encourage new ideas to enrich the program. We’re thankful for the way the teachers compassionately guide our son. He is happy being at school. We feel lucky to be part of this close and creative community.


To the mighty, mighty teachers of RRS, I wanted to thank you muchly for the conferences today. It was great to get such a luxurious amount of time with each one. Once again you all demonstrated that you really get our children and are working with care,and energy and innovative, imaginative techniques to bring the best out of them and to work on their challenges. I feel strongly that the time Marin and Kellan spend at RRS in your presence and under your guidance is a time that they are both filling their deep pools, making them more strong and ready to face the challenges ahead when they are not in such a utopia centered environment. This is long-term, character-crafting, esteem building,wing-spreading stuff, and it is priceless; we are totally grateful for all that you give of yourselves. We know that you give a LOT; just know that it doesn’t go unnoticed and certainly not unappreciated.