Parent Involvement is part of Running River School. We believe that school and home can be connected, providing children with consistency and greater support in all areas of their growth.


Running River Agreements


Commit to the mission

I agree with the vision of Running River and will use it as a guide for my actions and responsibilities with the school.



Communicate with integrity and compassion

I agree to be direct and honest in speaking my truth, and to be open to the truth of others. I will only make agreements I am committed to keep.



Listen with heart

I will listen respectfully to others, open to the meaning behind their words.



Respect for differences

I agree to be cooperative in my interactions with others, recognizing that different perspectives, choices and methods enrich our community.



Resolve conflicts directly

I agree to take problems and complaints to the person(s) with whom the issue originated and work towards a cooperative solution. I agree to follow the Running River Grievance Policy.



Honor our choices

I agree to acknowledge that everyone, including myself, is making the best possible decision we are capable of in that moment.



Express appreciation for self & others

I will acknowledge myself and others.



Develop a positive relationship

I will look for ways to participate with Running River to contribute to the development of an excellent environment for the children’s process of learning and growing.



Be a model

I will use these agreements and be a model for my children to follow.



Joy makes things happen!

I agree to have fun and encourage joy in learning.


Classroom Involvement

We ask all parents to contribute to the school by teaching either one hour a week in a same subject or once a month coming to school for half a day. Children love to have their parents come to school and share their skills! These can include crafts, sports, cooking, building, looking at constellations, or learning about the different jobs that parents have. We assist the parents in every way possible to create wonderful learning opportunities for all.

Each family commits 4-5 hours a month into some aspect of being/contributing in the classroom. This can include:

Being in the classroom and helping out. What we would most like is for those parents who can commit to an one-hour time slot once a week to create consistency in the classroom. The time slots where this would be the most valuable would be during reading, math, writing or project times, which are the same each week and children can benefit the most from closer contact with an adult. The teachers train the parents who can do this.

The other way to contribute would be for hikes, field trips, or special projects. We do have some parents who come in weekly and teach classes in their area of expertise, such as dance, yoga, cooking, Spanish and carpentry.

Doing individual projects with children where the adult/child ratios need to be small. This way a child has the attention necessary to pursue something deeper.

Helping to set up and be part of special projects like a garden, a big art project or science project.

Parents can be involved more than this a month, we always welcome the involvement.


Project teams

All parents are on a school Project Team. These Project Teams are chosen during the all-school orientation, and each team will choose a head who reports to the Board of Directors. In addition to the fundraising project teams, there is a grant writing project team that parents can join.

This year, all the project teams are working on our fundraiser, our International African Evening. We have these project teams:

 Marketing, Food, Silent Auction, Environment/Entertainment


The Parenting Forum

The Parenting Forum is one of the main places we talk about children, their needs, their development, what they are doing in school and all the various issues that arise in trying to raise children and provide the best education possible. The forums include discussions, presentations, experiential exercises and guest speakers. These Parenting Forums are held once every four weeks from 5:00 to 7:00 at the school.

This year our theme is: The Need for Challenges and Failures for Children to Become Adaptable, Flexible and Confident. (And to develop GRIT)

Dinner is provided and the children have their own dinner and care takers to play with after dinner. Siblings are also welcome, so that the whole family can come to the Forum night. There is a list of topics that are discussed throughout the year. There is flexibility to meet a need that arises for other topics or issues to be discussed. We ask that both parents attend these meetings unless there is an illness or a parent is out of town, or other such unpreventable situations.