Janet Runyan – Music Teacher

Janet Runyan earned a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and has taught piano in Boulder for 20 years. She has had a life-long love of music and still enjoys teaching piano privately as well as working at Running River where she teaches music and composes music for many of our school plays and performances. Janet and Nancy have collaborated on all school productions for 25 years, writing and directing over 35 original performances.

Janet is also a nationally ranked distance runner whose goals have served as motivation and inspiration for improving her whole life through athletic pursuits. She has worked with hundreds of elite and recreational runners over the past 15 years to improve their running form with profound results. People who have worked with her say that she has x-ray vision and an amazing eye for the intricate subtleties of what someone needs to change in order to make long lasting changes to their running style. Janet is dedicated to helping individuals realize their optimal running form while providing a systematic training program to help them achieve their goals.  She works with some of the Running River moms, dads and kids! More about her work can be found here.