The skill of the 21st century: to have the tools to be confident and centered in, sensitive to and knowledgeable of your body. All children have the potential to develop this skill. We want children to develop their own physical capacities and be in touch with how good it feels to be centered in their bodies. Children learn how to stay in touch with their innate sensitivity through sensing how their bodies feel, and learning how to move, sit and walk in a way that is unified, graceful and energetic. We help children to feel integrity and strength in their bodies and thus to meet life open and confident.

We spend extended time outdoors hiking, running, jumping, climbing and being very physically active. This alone develops strength, agility, balance, and physical endurance, but we also include a skill development program taught by an experienced coach and P.E. teacher. Children learn the universal movements and skills that are the foundations for all sports. In P.E. they also play soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball and football.

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