There are many small and big ways you can help Running River by donating.  Your donations help us continue to build a truly new model of education.  Your generosity serves us right now, as well as for the future of all the children. We are a tax-exempt 501c3 and will send you a lovely thank-you letter!  

You can donate to the general operating funds and we will put your money to the best use possible.

You can donate to our scholarship fund to help keep our school diversified and thriving with families who truly want the kind of education we offer

These programs will use funds to increase resources including materials, equipment and field trips:  Science, Art, Theater, Music, and P.E.

You can donate to our land fund to help us create an education center for infants through teens, parent education and staff training - along with a farm, animals, fields and a theater.

Thank you for your contribution.