Educating Children's Feelings

Educating Children’s Feelings
By Nancy Monson

“Education today is directed almost exclusively toward the development of the mind. There is an exaggerated admiration of what is referred to as intelligence, or intellectual capacity, at the expense of feelings and the body. It is this unbalanced emphasis that makes us give only theoretical explanations to children both at school and at home. These are directed solely at the mind of the child who hears and records them, but does not understand them since his body and his feelings are not involved. Therefore, these explanations are not assimilated.

Education must be a process through which an attempt is made to develop the mind, the feelings, and the body in an integrated and balanced way. An education that only focuses on one or two of these sources, or elements, leaves in the hands of society and in the hands of the individual himself, a being who is more or less incomplete. His lack of harmony does not allow him to develop to his full potential. This article will focus on the feeling aspect of this equation since it is the fundamental element needed for the development of the child’s self worth and confidence.” Paraphrasing from the book, A Sense of Wonder When I do not Know, by Nathalie De Salzmann DeEtevan.

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