Colton, at RR from 1-6th grade

What do you feel you learned the most from RR (academic and personal)?

I learned so many things about nature and how to respect nature, and I learned a lot about different animals and what their tracks look like etc. I learned how to do woodwork, and learned how to ski and how to cook! Academically I learned proper writing mechanics. I also learned how to solve math equations, and other academic skills which have helped me a lot through middle school, and high school.


What do you think helped you as a person the most…what will you remember the most?

I think that all of the hikes and outdoor learning really sunk into me. Now I am able to tell different animals from there tracks I know that if I was stranded out in the wilderness, that I would be able to survive. When I was at Running River, I learned good social skills that have really helped me throughout my life since RR.


How was your transition when you started a new school? What was hard? What was easy?

When I left RR i felt confident in started a new school life. I knew that i would be just fine in any class. I did really well in my classes, and I got good grades. I did really well in tests also. I am now a junior in high school with a 4.0 GPA which i have sustained for all of high school. I am well in the top 25% of my class. I have been on the varsity Baseball team for Centaurus High school ever since my sophomore year, and I’m working on getting a Baseball scholarship for a good college team. I’m hoping for a scholarship for a division #1 team.


How was it socially leaving such a small school and going to a big school?

It was a huge change. I didn’t really have a lot of friends outside of RR, but I made friends pretty quick. My middle school had a lot of kids so it was definitely a big change. I experienced mean kids, and nice kids. I felt confident in making friends, and I was never a shy kid.


What did you feel you have most carried with you?

I carried all of the wilderness, and social skills with me. Along with Academic skills which have had a huge affect on me through all of high school. I am very glad I went to RR it was the best thing to happen to me as a kid.