Nefeli, at RR from K-5th grade

What do you feel you learned the most from RR (academic and personal)?

At Running River I learned a lot about what it meant to be a community and how to resolve problems with people in a respectful way. It was like being in a family at school and I loved it. Academically I loved learning about history and I learned a lot. The things I learned at RR helped me a lot through middle school.


What do you think helped you as a person the most…what will you remember the most?

It was like being in a family at school and I loved it. I’ll always remember that, and it helped me to make friends easily when I changed schools.


How was your transition when you started a new school? What was hard? What was easy?

It was pretty hard. Mostly because I didn’t know anybody, and the atmosphere was so different. People weren’t as nice, no one really looked out for you. But I got good grades and once I started to make friends everything was fine.


How was it learning to take tests and get grades? Did you feel prepared academically? How is it going?

Tests were stressful and it took a little while for me to get the hang of the grading system and all the requirements for assignments. But now everything just feels normal, but it is still stressful. Getting good grades is tough, but just try your best.


How was it socially leaving such a small school and going to a big school?

That was probably the hardest part. I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t like being left out of things, but I floated around and hung out with many different “groups” before I found some close friends. The key is to just try and adapt to your surroundings and be really social and friendly.