Sometimes we need some extra help…….

Elementary and Middle School After School and Homeschool Tutoring

Is your child struggling at school or do you wish to engage their learning on a deeper level? 

With over 15 years teaching experience across the grades and subjects, I have worked with many different types of children and learners. I am fascinated with how kids learn, how to work with different types of learners, and how to help them understand their own learning process. In recent years I have become especially interested in understanding the special needs and abilities of visual spatial learners and how to guide them through the learning process. I will work with your child not only on the skills and strategies they need to be successful, but also the emotional element of learning. When children do not feel good about their ability to learn, little learning can take place. Building confidence and connection to their learning is crucial for children.

I am available for tutoring and homeschool tutoring for children grades K-8 in all subjects, with math as my specialty. I have a masters in elementary education and have worked in public and private schools. Contact me if you are interested in meeting and discussing your child's needs and finding out if we can work together to further and deepen your child's education.

Megan Flaherty