Every year our students start writing books in October.  They study the elements of fiction in class read-a-louds and their own personal reading.  They study excellent models of books written by past Running River students.  They create story boards to develop characters, plot and setting, as well as to lay out their beginning, middle and end.  They write for months - getting feedback from peers and teachers, reflecting on their work, creating class rubrics to evaluate their writing, revise many times, edit and illustrate.  The outcome is every student publishes a beautiful book to share with the school community at our annual All School Book Fair in April.  They share their writing process and answer questions as parents circulate in all the classrooms.  They each read an excerpt from their book to a small crowd.  Finally, they browse all the books and buy ones to take home.  Through this yearly tradition Running River teaches children the work and value in a process that leads to a work of true excellence that they share with the public - an important stepping stone towards developing the skills and confidence to talk about themselves, their work and their passions as they grow to adulthood.