Our Science curriculum for the year will focus on energy - what it is, how it is created, how we harness it, how we use it.  Stay tuned for more details as we work on how it will be integrated into every grade. Our goal is for science to be hands on, applied in every day life, and develop each child's ability to both question and find answers using the scientific method as well as their own passion and drive for personal meaning, experience and knowledge in learning.

Kindergarten and First Grade will be taught by Chandra Best. Their overarching question will be "What is Alive?"  They will explore evolution, plants and animals - including the evolution of animals and the habitats they visit on their weekly hikes in Boulder County.

2nd and 3rd grade will be led by Amber Arvidson, with Megan Flaherty co-teaching math and Phil Germakian teaching science. Their overarching inquiry will be "What is Community?" They will be studying the beginning of agriculture and animal domestication and people living in community all the way through the founding and development of civilizations, including ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.  

4th and 5th grade will be co-taught by Nancy Monson teaching Language Arts, assisted by Phil Germakian; Megan Flaherty teaching theme, Megan and Phil teaching math, and Phil Germakian teaching science.  Their overarching inquiry will be "What is a Hero?"  They will be using the hero cycle (Joseph Campbell) in language arts and in their theme study of the Native Americans and the pioneers that came west, with a focus on Colorado History.  They will be taking a 3 day fall trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Middle School (6th through 8th grade) will be led by a new teacher we have not yet hired.  Phil Germakian will be co-teaching math and teaching science.  The overarching inquiry will be "What is Peace?"  The students will be exploring peace movements, including the Ghandhi in India, Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War era. They will be taking a 5 day trip to Canyonlands in Utah in the fall, and a 5 day trip to Washington D.C. in the spring.